Paul Sternberg spent 10 years as the co-founder of a high-growth, human-centered digital agency, and has worn most all of the hats  0  He is devoted to developing the designer‘s own ”how to be“ as an equal contributor to their work and creative process  0  An advocate for the power of design to uncover and solve problems, build relationships, generate revenue, and create good  0  He is a process sommelier: When you need to pair the right methods with the right outcomes  0  A firm believer that the design of mixed realities still belongs to humans, diversity of thought rules, and people are still everything  0  And is designing an open-source framework for a new generation of corporate social responsibility

He is currently exploring opportunities at digital agencies, non-profits, and higher education institutions leading design teams, account services, strategy, or people development.

Selected work. Bio. Essays on design.